21-day Instagram Momentum Gaining Challenge

This week in the 52-week project it’s time to take over Instagram!

It’s time to change the face of social media. We need more real people to show up “as is” and share what it’s like to be human. We need fewer people vying for our attention and trying to be louder than everybody else in order to sell their stuff. We need more heart. We need to make social media a place to go to feel good about ourselves. We need to drown “them” out, by taking over as authentic, genuine people who understand the value of making connections with each other – as fellow human beings. NOT as marketers and customers.

I refuse to buy the concept of hardcore, “sales-funnel” marketing and my measuring stick isn’t cash in the bank, but the number of meaningful conversations, new connections, friendships and DMs I get from people I’ve met online.

Ok so just how will that help me buy food and pay the bills this month, you might ask?

When you do social media the right way, you will help many others along their journeys and you will become a trusted, well-known, expert in your field. That makes your PayPal account light up and your payment notifications roll in. Every once in a while you will ask for a sale, but mostly Social Media is meant to be… social.

I have been too busy (yeah, I know – it’s just an excuse) to really dive into building and nurturing my Instagram account. Despite that, probably 75% of my clients have met me through this platform. In order to work smarter and not harder, I will maximise my time and effort on this platform from this point forward.

You are free to join me! (There’s a 21-day momentum gaining challenge included in this tutorial). Find me on Instagram and let me know you read this post, so I can follow you and support your Instagram growth.

There are several Instagram-pods floating around in on other social media platforms. These pods strive to “trick” the algorithm and make your posts seem more popular. Some of these pods even charge for people to become members. The algorithm is such that if a huge account comments or likes one of your posts, you will become more visible. Try it out if you want to, but it’s my opinion that if you are aware that “liking and commenting” on other people’s posts will help them get more visible, surely you will do that. And if we all do that… well.. we’ll just become one giant (free) Instagram-pod 🙂 Karma works on Instagram too.

Here’s how to use your time wisely on Instagram!

Your workbook is right here for you to download: instagram101