50 simple ways to RECLAIM your power

1. Recognize that everything that is comfortable and within your comfort zone, are things your Ego is accustomed to. In order to grow beyond the grip of the small self – you have to venture out on a limb. It’s OK to feel the fear and do it anyway.

2. Commit to exercise. No – I’m not into fitness to throw shame and guilt on people who aren’t. I don’t work out to look good or maintain my weight. I work out to STAY SHARP. To increase my vitality. To raise the odds that I will die of old age and not a disease. To feel strong physically because that changes us from the inside and out. To feel good in my own body. Plus – it makes me feel a thousand times more inspired, productive and resourceful. It gives me grit.

3. Declare that you ARE the Light in the room. Every room you enter.

4. You need to tap into your PASSION in order to be willing to do what it takes to reach success. PASSION is rocket fuel. Give yourself permission to feel CONSUMED by something you believe in SO much that you throw caution to the wind and make your mission a force to count on. Be obsessed.

5. Go offline and off the grid on a daily basis. How long can you last without your phone, computer or gadget? I dare you to go for coffee or a walk, by yourself, and NOT look at your phone even once. Make that a daily habit. Get to know who you are without technology.

6. Opt out of fear. End the drama in your life. Give away your TV. Break your self-destructive habit to always check the news. You’re so much better off without it. Instead, invest your time in sharing your greatness and shining your light. Grow. Learn new things. Become a powerful source of what is good and right in this world.

7. You do you. That’s it and that’s all. Don’t compare yourself to others. Allow others to do whatever without your judgment, and have the same mentality about yourself too. Dance to the beat of your OWN drum. Embrace your own greatest power and STAND in your truth. Hold your ground. Confidence is a habit. Develop it!

8. Eat to nourish your body. Again. I am not out there preaching healthy food in order to shame those who are overweight. I try to make it known how fantastic you FEEL when you allow yourself to eat only foods that build a strong, healthy body and a clear mind.

9. Don’t share with others what they should STOP doing. Don’t make them wrong. Show them, by example, what they could START. Celebrate what they’re so good at. Infuse them with positive energy.

10. A beautiful thing happens when you stand in your own truth and reclaim your own power. Those who are the energy drainers in your life, will first throw a tantrum and then let you go. Be passionate and relentless in the pursuit of getting to know what your own highest potential is – and you won’t have to worry about the naysayers anymore. They will leave you alone. (But first, know that they usually throw a fit before they take off). Bless them and let them go.

11. Write down OUTRAGEOUS goals. Twice a day. Morning and night. These are the goals you never, in your wildest dreams might think you can achieve. Wake up and start thinking about amazing things you can potentially experience one day – RATHER THAN THINKING ABOUT ALL THE THINGS THAT COULD GO WRONG, REASONS YOU’D FAIL OR REASONS YOU NEED TO PLAY SMALL. This is a habit that will TRANSFORM you. Write these goals as affirmations and in present tense like this: “I am changing the world by reaching MILLIONS of viewers in my own talk show. For this I am grateful.” Or I have a billion dollars in the bank. I am a force to count on in this world. I contribute to 100’s of great causes and charities I believe in. I am making the world a better place. For this I am grateful.”

12. Start viewing insecurity as your friend. KNOW that behind that red, fear-infused flag – is your personal growth and your success. Go there. Boldly. Look for the opportunity to stare fear in the face.

13. Accept that everything that you’ve been through in your life are in the past. They happened. Let them go. DECIDE, DECLARE and follow through on LETTING GO of your past. You are who you are today. Go forth and make that known. Who are you without your story? Who are you WITH your wisdom? Who are you when you let the story go but keep your wisdom? Make a brilliant future. Be the light that shines the brightest.

14.  Develop some grit. Don’t give yourself the option to quit. Keep going. Build momentum. Fall down. Get up. Don’t quit.

15.  Make THINGS smile by willing joy and happiness onto them. Make everything and everyone smile back at you. Let your smile light up your eyes.

16.  Be generous with gratitude. Express it freely. To yourself too..

17. Read everyday. Learn new things. Make this a habit.

18.   Stop complaining. I do not care what it is that you are complaining about your energy is STILL misdirected. State the obvious once – seek the solution. This goes for gossiping too – just do not do that. Leave that toxic energy behind.

19. Read Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender, Book by David R. Hawkins

20.   Read The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure, Book by Grant Cardone (these two books are polar opposites – and a beautiful opportunity to get to know yourself better, surrender the Ego AND use that same Ego to WIN)

21. Wonder about things more often. Allow your imagination to run wild. Develop a beginner’s mindset. What if there is a better way you don’t know about just because you are so “set in your ways”?

22. Change is an opportunity to grow. Change is the only thing constant in life. USE change. You change from the day you are born to the day you die (and then you REALLY change) and only you can ensure that this change is in a positive direction. Grow or shrink – it’s impossible to stagnate.

23. Get outside and reconnect with nature as often as possible.

24.  Practise radical forgiveness. Read the four agreements if you find forgiveness challenging. People only do what they do because that’s the only option available to them, at the time. If they could have loved more – they would have.

25. Don’t count your follows and likes. If you inspire even ONE person per day – you won.

26.  Be weird. Be unique. Be you.

27.  Do scary things OFTEN.

28. Don’t strive for perfection. Be human.

29. Let kindness rule your life. Not ruthlessness. What would love do?

30. Making more money starts as an internal shift. You will FIRST have to uplevel your habits, your mindset, and your inner money-thermostat that sets the temperature on your bank account. Develop a rich mindset.

31. Take your supplements. Drink more water. Oh and sleep. No joke.

32. Set 3 daily goals. Follow through.

33. Take time for the little things that matter. Buy the flowers.

34. Show people your appreciation. Don’t hold back on that.

35. Charge what you are worth despite what they completion is charing – as long as YOU know that your customer is getting 10 times the value from YOU.

36. Be generous. Give freely. This is a foundation for prosperity.

37. Get clear on what you do in a day that generates $$. Spend your time on THAT.

38. Repeat this with me: “I know who I am. I know what I am. I know how I serve.”(Paul Selig -look him up)

39. Be truthful.Keep your promises. Make it known that people can rely on your word.

40. To set goals, to talk, strategize, bounce ideas off people or even to mastermind is not a recipe for success. Taking ACTION is.

41. Every problem is a solution waiting to happen. You just haven’t seen it yet. Focus on the opportunity, not the problem.

42. Within you lies the potential to change the world. You matter. To all of us. Let yourself be known.

43. Meditate. Enough said. Just do it.

44. Everyone is an expert in something.

45. Go for no! Seek out rejection.

46. Burnout happens when the soul didn’t get the fuel it needed. You are meant to GROW, evolve, seek to realize your highest potential – you were NEVER meant to judge yourself, strive to be perfect or to take responsibility for other people’s feelings (i.e SAY NO when you need to and YES when you want to). It HURTS to play small – and it HURTS to seek acceptance from others, worry and otherwise obsess over “not being enough”. Own (I mean OWN) that you are a powerful human being with unlimited potential. Don’t pretend to be less than that – it’s too painful.

47. It is selfish to play small and stay in your comfort zone. Don’t be selfish.

48. Commit to succeed. Don’t dabble in business. Don’t “do your best”. COMMIT. Develop grit. Live your best life TODAY.

49Extraordinary results require extraordinary actions.

50. When in doubt – add more love and compassion, if you are still doubting after that remember that the worst thing you can do is to NOT take action at all.

     xo Hanna