6 way to get unstuck and have more time

Wouldn’t you just LOVE to have more time?

What would you do if you could add a few hours to each day?

Would you spend more time with family and friends? Would you take better care of yourself? Would you sleep more? Cook more nutritious meals? Would you shift into a higher gear and achieve some juicy goals?

We have 24 hours in a day, and some of the things we use those hours for are not optional. We need to sleep, eat, take care of ourselves and our kids. Some of us work at home, some go to work, some pour all their time and energy into managing the home and the family. We are all limited by those 24 hours we are given. Some days are just a battle against the clock and we spend all our time on urgently flaring fires we NEED to put out before we can deal with anything else.

Feeling behind all the time and never being able to catch up is overwhelming. It’s a dream crusher and we end up feeling super stuck and a total absence of freedom. It’s a joy zapper. How can we pursue the big dreams in life, when we don’t even have time to do the daily, small, essential things? Heck. Some of us don’t even get to close the door to the bathroom without little people begging for our attention. Some of us can’t sleep at night because we keep thinking about ALL THE THINGS we need to do, didn’t do, should do and totally forgot about.

Is there a way out? What can we do to expand time?

The only variable that I have any kind of control over is ME (I can’t increase the number of available hours in a day). I can’t change my kids’ demands on my time, I can’t make the dogs walk themselves, and things tend to take more time than I like them to. The good news is that I can MANAGE MYSELF, my habits, my thoughts, my self-care and how I use my time.

If I start the day feeling sluggish and have low energy, scattered, unorganized, unfocused and reaching for more and more coffee in order to clear my foggy brain – and then spend the day chasing fires – chances are I’m not living a life I love to say the least. I bet I would dread every Monday, I bet I’d be yelling at my kids, I bet I’d reach for fast food in the name of saving time, I bet I’d skip my workout because I was just too tired. I bet tomorrow would just be more of the same. I bet I’d feel fed up, frustrated, stressed and irritable most of the time and I’d be so TRAPPED by my situation that I wouldn’t know how to get unstuck and how to break that vicious cycle. I’d think it was ridiculous that anyone even suggested to me that I could live a life I loved. I’d feel hopeless.

THE ONLY THING CONSTANT IS CHANGE: by taking small steps in the right direction each day we CAN get unstuck!


1. Choose food and nutrients that will boost our body and brain – I recommend a grain-free, rich in fat, low carb, high-quality protein lifestyle.

2.Incorporate fitness in your daily routine. Yes, this might seem like it takes time out of your day, but it actually adds more quality hours by helping you to stay mentally and physically stronger, healthier and more resilient.

3.Get the sleep that you need.

4.Give yourself a bird’s eye perspective of your life and what activities you fill your life with – vs what you’d LIKE to fill your life with. Correct the differences gradually over time, by learning (and re-learning) how to manage yourself.

5.Ask for help, delete tasks that aren’t THAT essential, delegate as much as possible, be realistic about what ACTUALLY needs to get done, and what you can delay. DO – without any hesitation whatsoever – the things you identify as absolutely essential to your survival.

6.Take control of your mindset. There is NOTHING useful about allowing your thoughts to travel down the highway of worry, dwelling on problems, beating yourself up, holding onto grudges, blaming, shaming or feeling like a victim. YOU can steer your own thoughts in the direction that you choose. DO IT. Meditation makes it easier to learn how to do this, but simply taking control of, and having zero tolerance for those types of limiting thoughts is a great start. Reach for the better feeling thoughts as soon as you become aware what you’ve been thinking about.

Change can be gradual, or it can be massive. You know the type of change that you respond the best to. The MOST important step to take is to be CONSISTENT about taking DAILY action in a positive direction.

Please let me know how I can support you in implementing these changes in your life today!