Develop the habit to invest in this

Food, Fitness & Meditation

The cornerstone habit of a happy life


Once you cultivate the habit to invest wisely in yourself, like I’m about to show you how, you will be able to reach your goals almost on autopilot. 

I know you have big dreams and goals. I know you want to reach them. Faster.
The smartest thing you can do is to invest your time and energy wisely and know what will pay off in the long run.

Who do you have to become in order to make sure you are the most solid vehicle for your mission possible? What habits will sustain your energy, focus, clarity, health, and mindset?

In my mind, the three parts I’m sharing below, food, fitness, and mindset are all one majorly important habit – the habit to invest in yourself.  I’m not going to break it down into three parts – because one leads into the other seamlessly. Wellbeing and success in life is a result of these three parts combined, not as a stand-alone.

Food. Fitness. Mindset.


Food. You deserve only the best. Don’t skimp on time and money when it comes to sticking to a lifestyle (I hesitate to say diet) that fuel you rather than deplete you. Just eat real foods. Not too many fast carbs. Nothing processed, nothing added. At first glance, this might seem like a sacrifice – but it’s a decision and a choice high performers make. We want to feel at our best at all time. Go to to start menu planning – smarter.


Fitness. Not only will your body become stronger, fitter and more energized – your mind will too. I know of no better mindset exercise than to do more reps and lift heavier than you knew you could. It teaches your brain that you are capable of more than you know. When you cram out those last few rounds, despite your brain telling you to stop – you show your mind who the real boss is. You. Not your thoughts. This gives you confidence, willpower, grit, and resilience. All those qualities will serve you well in your entrepreneurship. Go to for great home workouts.


Mindset. Even just 10 minutes spent with a guided meditation from (and even if you suck at it initially) will pay you back with the ability to maintain a winning mindset, clarity and focus for several hours. Meditation is also the way to make sure it’s not your limiting beliefs that run the show. You are powerful. Meditation will help you discover and know that. It just so happens that I am currently developing some really cool meditation-kits, so stay tuned for that 🙂

By meditating you will quickly learn how to shift your mindset and keep the outlook on life that will support you in all your endeavours.

A word about habits

We are not born with the habits we have today – we are free to cultivate habits that support our happiness in life. Once an action has become a habit, it’s something we do on auto-pilot, without thinking. What do you think would be possible in your life if you developed a habit to invest wisely in yourself? What would you be capable of if you had these three parts of an important self-care habit as a way of being?

XO Hanna