How to launch a course quickly - even before you have a website

How to launch a course quickly – even before you have a website. 

What’s the best thing to do when you’ve lost some steam and you have at least a whole other month to go before you can begin to hope for spring? (I live in c-c-c-cold C-Calgary after all..).

You add some fuel to the fire and crank the temperature up, that’s what.

I’ve listened to a lot of client’s sob stories this month (February) and it’s not that I don’t feel empathy or compassion, it’s that I recognize it all too well. I welcomed a surge of new clients around the New Year, and they set some amazing goals, mapped out the next 12 weeks, felt super fired up and started to gain massive momentum by taking massive action. And then… well.. kids got sick and germs were everywhere, the days were grey, they got tired, ran into roadblocks, felt blah and lost track of their WHY, felt like the plans needed adjustment and wanted to back off their dreams and would rather play small than having to deal with THIS?

No. Nope. Not on my watch.

I don’t care if you feel guided in a different direction than you set out to go, tiredness can be cured, the flu will pass and the sun will go up tomorrow. The thing is, so many of us have the tendency to always come up with reasons or excuses for never really striking out in a big way. We’re comfortable where we are, and if we’re not comfortable then at least we’re not dead. Our minds/egos have a super sneaky way of keeping us safe, they can parade around as guidance, inspiration, illness and one of its favourite tactics is tiredness. (Go ahead and rule out any major health issues before you take my advice on this though – I’m just speaking from my own personal experiences and what I’ve witnessed in others’ over the years.)

When I coached my clients to make plans for 12 weeks, I made sure they were in a good place to do so. I made sure that the ego was safely strapped away in its rear-facing child-seat and that it really was my client at the helm, and not their limiting beliefs and fears. That’s how I can know that this is not the time to back off.

Instead, I have a different solution to the February blahs and I’m doubling down on March being the runway for a fantastic spring and a roaring April.

For the 21 weekdays we are given in March – I want focus, energy, perseverance, grit, and action.

This includes making sure that our physical bodies get what they need to be a high performing vehicle for us. That means meditations, workouts, smart nutrition and to add in the supplements as needed (and joy, connection and all those things that are also important, but I’m not going to focus on that right now).

The focus for March will be to set up 21 daily goals that will lead to a new product, an improved product, a solid launch or something  “extra”, that you can launch April 1st. (April is an amazing month to launch something since people in general start to feel more energized and ready for new adventures.)

If you already have a product you want to re-launch or improve, work on that. If not, follow these steps:

Gather at least 100 subscribers to your newsletter by setting up a landing page and promoting your freebie offer. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about – you can watch my tutorial below.) A freebie offer is something simple but useful, that can give your prospects something of value that takes you very little time to produce. A guided meditation, a weekly menu, a workout, a checklist, a pretty instructional pdf (that you make with for example.) There is nothing wrong with emailing your personal contacts to see if they’d like to receive your freebie BUT don’t add people to your mailing list without their consent – get people to opt-in on your landing page. (Again, watch the video if you don’t know how to set up a mailing list).

Here’s the most intimidating part for a lot of people: promote your new product before you have finished it. If you don’t already have a product here’s how to create one out of thin air, just relying on your own personal skills (we all have skills/experience to share with each other):

Offer a small group program within your area of expertise.

→  Pick a common problem you can solve. Offer a series of webinars/lessons/coaching calls/ facebook lives, not too many because – KISS (keep it simple sweetie).

→  Chunk your big topic and the solution to the problem into a series of relevant lessons and teach on one of these subtopics per lesson.

→  Before the first lesson, send out a short survey to find out the most burning issues people have on that particular topic, so you know how to be truly helpful and deliver what people actually want.

→  Repeat this step after each lesson, and ask what issues people have in relation to that particular topic. If they have problems that you haven’t thought to respond to – add a bonus lesson at the end where you address those too.

→  Remember to record everything. Keep the questions for future blog posts, capture videos of your facebook lives or webinars and keep all of this so you can multipurpose it into a passive product or several blog posts.

→  You can deliver all of the above in a simple solution like a closed facebook group (and send your lessons LIVE or upload videos and pdfs to the group), via Zoom webinars, Skype or whatever is just a little bit outside of your current comfort zone 😉

(This is a super simplified version of a “seed launch”, something you can read books and take expensive online programs to learn)

Let me know how you make out, and if you need help you can hire me here 😛