Join me in making this year YOUR year to CRUSH your goals and LOVE life.

The 52 week project is starting now!

I haven’t been beating around the bush much in declaring that it is my intention and PLAN to absolutely CRUSH it in business this year. I’ve also been encouraging you to do the same by joining forces with me.

I have decided to pull back the curtain on what I’m implementing in order to 10X everything about my life and business.This serves two purposes.


1. I am publically held accountable.

2. I am inviting you to join me.


I finally joined the ranks of all the entrepreneurs who are singing the 10x rule’s praise (by Grant Cardone). I’m not about to double my income for 2018 – I won’t even bother with doubling my impact – I am going to multiply my income and impact GOALS by 10. You heard me right, I have set goals for 2018 and in one fell sweep, I am now about to 10X those goals. This should prove to be interesting for me, and at the very least, entertaining for you.


You can either watch me do it (pull up a chair and follow along) OR you can join me.


“If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to master something, teach it.” Harbhajan Singh Yogi


I have learned, I have understood and now I’m going to master it – to your benefit!


Even as I write this I hear doubts in my head. 10X-ing my carefully mapped out SMART goals? The plans I have made still stand, but I need to 10X the effort I’ll put into this? I need to dream 10 times BIGGER? Yes. I do. It’s time. The reality is that I (and since you’re reading this, probably you too) have been holding myself back. I have carefully managed my energy levels and I haven’t been taking on more than I KNEW I’d be capable of delivering on. This is a super comfortable place to be in – and boring.


In life, the only thing constant is change. This is the piece I never really thought about before: If I am constantly changing and there is no such thing as leveling out and staying the same, my only options are to grow or shrink. I prefer the former.


Growth is uncomfortable and sometimes even flat-out scary.

Action cures fear.

Each week, I’ll challenge you to take action alongside me, I’ll inspire you and make you think. I’ll show you a strategy for success or something you can implement right away to make upgrades in business and to your life. My own goals circle around health, vitality, happiness and my major focus this year is business growth.

You and I probably both know what we should be doing to grow our businesses and increase our wellbeing – but we baby ourselves too much. Too many excuses. Not enough action.

Rather than obsessing over comfort (staying in my own perfectly carved out zone of comfort is very tempting) I am ready to start obsessing over uncovering my own highest potential. Are you? Do you want to know what you are capable of doing when you decide to push through fear and insecurity and finally commit to YOU? Your happiness and your success are at your own fingertips. Will you grow or will you shrink?

If you are IN on this opportunity to CRUSH IT in 2018 let me know by signing up below this post. Your weekly prompts will be sent out via newsletter AND you’ll get other useful tools on an ongoing basis as well.

I want you to sign up and say I’M IN! Because I want you to pause and ONLY commit to this IF you are ready to see growth. You’ll need to be prepared to face your fears, develop grit, connect with your passion, go all in and FOLLOW THROUGH no matter what!

Here’s how to join me:


1. The project contains 52 prompts for personal and business growth. You will get the prompts and the tools you need (sometimes a workbook, sometimes a guided meditation or a self-hypnosis recording and other applicable things) ONLY when you subscribe, commit and declare that you’re ready to join. The prompts themselves you’ll find on this blog without subscribing.


2. I will share my own story on Facebook and Instagram with the intention to make you feel like I’m right there beside you.


3. You can start anytime this year. No rush. If you’re like me you like to IMPLEMENT IMMEDIATELY, but you go at YOUR pace.

This week’s prompt is right here:


Make your plans and set your goals! Leading up to the New Year, I offered an online workshop in planning and goal setting for 2018. If you didn’t get a chance to get a headstart on the new year then, you can still do it now. In fact, I decided to give it away for free, just to remove every excuse imaginable. Plan, set goals and then multiply it all by 10, and you’ll be in the same position as me.


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