The mindset tuneup

monthly themes to boost a winning mindset

Confidence - easier to develop than you think

Welcome to the mindset tune-up we ALL so desperately need. After YEARS and decades of social conditioning that we need to look a certain way, fit in, do what we’re told and perpetuate the rat race that so many of us live today, it is FINALLY time YOU take matters into your own hands.

YOU are a force to count on in this world. You are powerful, creative, smart and you have dreams, aspirations, and things you would LOVE to manifest in this life.

This is how it can be EASY for you to be more confident.



This is what's included:

 Daily journaling prompts to create the KEY habits of a confident person

 Strategies to step into feeling confident NOW

 Guided meditations loaded with NLP and hypnotherapy techniques to install CONFIDENCE as a feeling you have access to at any time



This mindset tuneup is a freestanding component of the Screw Weight Loss program.