Success Mindset -

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Your mindset is probably THE most important asset you can learn to take charge of as an ambitious entrepreneur. You NEED to have the right mindset in order to succeed. We talked about this today in our pop-up mastermind group. You’ll benefit immensely from developing a mindset that will help set you up for success, rather than work against you. You can learn to feel confident about you and what you have to offer to the world. This is definitely one of the MOST important mindsets you can get yourself as a business owner and human being.

You are not a hapless victim of your own thoughts. You’ve been conditioned to think the way you think and it has become a habit to focus on the things you focus on.

The beautiful thing is that you can still learn to develop a winning mindset that will guarantee success. (Yes. I said guarantee.)

If you haven’t already tuned into what’s going on in your mind, you can’t allow yourself to waste any more time neglecting that. Transformation begins with awareness. What IS going on inside your own head? Are you cheering yourself on? Are you spending time thinking empowering thoughts that inspire you to take powerful action? Are your thoughts making you feel confident? Does the voice in your head believe in you and love you unconditionally?

If not, you’ve got some work to do. Every time you catch yourself with a less than empowering mindset – you are to drop that thought like a hot potato. Delete your default mindset by simply (yes. simply) not allowing it to natter on like it’s used to. Replace it with a powerful affirmation and deliberately brainwash yourself.

I have a few prompts for you to work through here as well. Give yourself the opportunity to go really, really deep with this. Be ruthlessly honest. Don’t overanalyze and don’t let it take too long to answer a question.

1. Write down THE FIRST thing that comes to mind when you take an inventory of your mindset!

2. Have you developed a worry-habit?

3. Do you have any doubts or fears that might hold you back? If so, name them here!

4. Do you have any empowering recurring thoughts and mindsets that you are aware of? Thoughts that you feel good about thinking?

5. How do you usually get things done despite a potentially less than supportive mindset? How do you usually negotiate with yourself?

6. How do you usually/habitually deal with fear?

7. Do you ever feel anxious? When? What thoughts trigger this?

8. How can you begin to develop empowering mindset habits?

9. How can you condition yourself for success? How do you imagine that a super successful version of YOU would think? What’s YOUR winning mindset? How do you sustain that positive outlook on life?

10. WHY is it important to you to grow a successful business?

11. Who else would benefit from your success?

12. Who are you being for the world, spending time, resources and energy on your business?

13. What is your definition of success?

14. Describe a perfect day in the distant future – what do you notice? What is going on inside your head in that perfect future day?

15. This gives you a great starting point for developing the mindset you need in order to reach your life and business goals. It will take a lot of focus initially to break some ingrained patterns and habits – but it is ABSOLUTELY worth it!

As my teacher, Marilyn Atkinson used to say: Anything worth doing at all, is worth doing badly in the beginning.

Changing your mindset IS tricky – it requires patience with yourself – and it is worth coming back to time and time again. Just like you’d have patience with a young, untrained puppy, you’ll need to have compassion for yourself when you establish new mindset habits and relearn how to think.

Let me know if you have any questions!

xo Hanna