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Right here, on this page, are all the possible HOWs. The answer to your questions HOW can I have that life? HOW can I succeed? HOW can I feel better? HOW will I ever be able to let go of my insecurities? I JUST WANT TO BE HAPPY – is that even possible?

Yes, it’s possible. It’s just not “possible” either, but it is your birthright to CLAIM all the power that is yours to live up to your highest potential, CRUSH your limitations and be every bit as happy as you want to be!

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Hypnotherapy Package

Do you want to move beyond blocks, insecurities, stress and stuckness in a MAJOR way? A hypnotherapy session WILL uncover your deepest fears and issues and by the time the session is over, you’ve been able to let them go. We will do two follow up sessions, just to reinforce your new thought patterns and empowering beliefs, and you’ll also get a customized self hypnosis recording in order to secure your new way of being and living in this world (ROCK STAR STYLE).

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Coaching session

You have dreams, goals, hopes, and intentions. Your ideas are brilliant. I’ll be happy to light a fire under your ass, help you develop self-esteem, motivation and keep your inspiration alive and well. I hold you accountable. You WILL keep moving toward success with me by your side. I won’t let you down. I’ll give you strategies, ideas, help you find your inner wisdom, throw you a lifeline, but mostly I help you uncover who you REALLY are and help you let her run the show. 


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90-day Goal setting and strategy

Sometimes you don’t know where to start or how to proceed. This is a game changer. You will leave our call with clear goals and an action plan to implement. I will then call you every weekday for the next 90 days, to hold you accountable and check on your progress. With this much clarity and accountability, you can and will fearlessly achieve more than you knew was possible!

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Online Courses

Get your mindset tune-ups right here! A new theme is launched every month!


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Testimonials from a few lovely people!

“Working with Hanna gave the extra push I needed to get my act together. I now have a plan and a strategy and can move forward in a powerful way. This was a game-changer.”

Cathy E.

Working from.home while raising my family required a level of organization and focused goal setting that did not come naturally to me. I floundered around for a few years doing ok but not really accomplishing the big or important tasks my business required. This approach was too much work for too little return.
With Hanna’s business and personal coaching I have done more in the last 2 months than I have in the last 3 years.
I have a professional business identity, I have identified and located my target audience and I have streamlined my services. I have finally developed multiple income streams and can step away from the overwhelming need to constantly be working.
Now I have people earning money for me and I am focussing on more personal wellness goals. I continue to consult with Hanna on a regular basis so I can use the same level of intention on my new goals.
Thank you Hanna, your support, encouragement and timely action oriented strategies have helped me reach my goals.
Now I get to set even better ones!
G. Argyle

When I think of Hanna, I think of a Spiritual Gangster. She’s got the energy and the accountability factor of a boot camp instructor but has years of experience in spiritual endeavors that brings a real soft and caring side to her approach. At times, I think she wants me to succeed more than I do which really helps keep me motivated and on task. She rocks.

Cate Baio

Life Strategist and Career Transformation Coach, catebaio.com

Jag är örvånad över hur lätt det går med maten. Jag har hela livet varit slav under recept. Har ständigt letat efter nya recept, det ena krångligare än det andra. Nu planerar jag inte ens längre utan handlar massor av olika grönsaker och improviserar istället 😍😍😍 Rena smaker och ren mat. Tror inte jag fått i mig nåt socker sen jag började 😃 Väldigt bra med din matinspiration Hanna istället för recept. Jag är så glad och nöjd att jag hoppade på detta 😉 Nästa fredag fyller jag 50 , men plötsligt känner jag mig yngre och oräddare än nånsin 💪💪💪


Confidence – easier to develop than you think

Welcome to the mindset tune-up we ALL so desperately need. After YEARS and decades of social conditioning that we need to look a certain way, fit in, do what we’re told and perpetuate the rat race that so many of us live today, it is FINALLY time YOU take matters into your own hands.

YOU are a force to count on in this world. You are powerful, creative, smart and you have dreams, aspirations, and things you would LOVE to manifest in this life.

This is how it can be EASY for you to be more confident.



This is what’s included:

 Daily journaling prompts to create the KEY habits of a confident person

 Strategies to step into feeling confident NOW

 Guided meditations loaded with NLP and hypnotherapy techniques to install CONFIDENCE as a feeling you have access to at any time



This mindset tuneup is a freestanding component of the Screw Weight Loss program.