Hi! I’m Hanna.

I help ambitious entrepreneurs, like you, reach goals faster.

Hi! I'm Hanna.

There is no man living that can not do more than he thinks he can.

Henry Ford

It all starts with a 10X’ed goal. The journey is who you become, how much you grow, how amazing you begin to feel, how much more impact you have on the world around you and how many people you can serve. It ends with you living a life you love while running a business you adore.

Set goals based on your greatest potential – not your limitations.

The only thing I insist on when you hire me as your coach is that you are prepared to take your goals and 10X them. Multiply your goals by 10.Why? Because without that added 0, you’re nowhere near what you are actually capable of accomplishing.

When my clients realize that in order to achieve those 10X’ed goals a high-performance lifestyle where overall health, energy, fitness, mindset, ability to focus and all of those things become essentials, I take a victory lap or two. Success on our own terms ALWAYS include enjoying great health. Hustle, work harder, sleep less and drink more coffee is a recipe for disaster. You’re way too smart for that and your mission is way too important to fail.

With a 10X mindset, all our inner limitations fall away too. Perfectionism, insecurities, hesitation, low mental energy, lack of motivation and aaaaalll the excuses fall by the wayside. As does the inability to stick to plans and follow through on them. We literally don’t have time (or interest) to sweat the small stuff anymore and all those limitations are the small things. We’ve got shit to do and the time is now.

When you know it’s time for you to let go of your comfort zone and start living in alignment with what you are truly capable of –  your highest potential –  it’s time for you to set up a meeting with me. I’m here for when you are ready to step into your own power – and stay there.

I want you to reach your goals faster.