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I help ambitious entrepreneurs, just like you, to get the clarity, confidence and vitality you need to succeed.

Succeed in life. Take action with confidence.

Get the clarity, confidence and vitality you need to succeed.

Reach your goals. Love your life. 

The more successful you are, the more lives you can improve.

Success is a decision. Is it yours?
Decide. Commit. Deliver. Today.  
What would you do if you weren’t afraid to take action and go ALL in?

You write the story of your life. What’s the next chapter?

You can do this –  I’ve got your back. 

We can change our minds and when we do – we change our lives. 

“In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the second best thing is the wrong thing and the worst thing to do is NOTHING.” Theodore Roosevelt
Action cures fear.”  David J. Schwartz
You need a vision for your own happiness and success if you’re tired of not living up to the potential you know is within you.
♥  Stop living below your potential.
♥  Stop doubting your own greatness
♥  Stop holding yourself back

Entrepreneurs are a funny breed of people. We’re cool with taking risks, we can brush ourselves off and start again if we fall. We are fearless in many ways. We push ourselves through limitations and we set an example for others. But. When it comes to actually SUCCEEDING big time? – as entrepreneurs, we have a tendency to hold ourselves back. We have a whole team of nasty Gremlins inside our heads telling us what we can and can’t do, telling us that our goals and visions are too outrageous, impossible or crazy.


It’s the team of Gremlins is what lays between us and success in life and business.



Entrepreneurs like us aren’t whiners and complainers. We don’t blame our childhoods, parents or the government weather for our hardships. We might even know how to handle the Gremlins, but all alone and without support?  It  just feels harder than it needs to be.


I will push you to take DAILY action. Action kills fear. Hesitation and doubt are CRUSHED when you take action.  Doors will start open and the impossible will become possible.



→ What would you do if fearlessness was your superpower?


→ What if you could wake up every day and not let the voice of doubt sneak into your head before you even have your first coffee?


→ If you could wake up every day and not let the voice of doubt sneak into your head before you even have your first coffee?


→ What would your life look like a year from now, if you started today and didn’t let fear hold you back, for a whole year?


→ What would it feel like to go to sleep each night knowing you crushed it that day?  Conquering goal after goal after goal?


→ Too afraid to make goals?  Don’t be. As Tony Robbins said: Plant your fucking feet and deliver! (I’ll help you with that too.) 


I’m Hanna. I live in Calgary, Canada with my kids and husband (and a few dogs and cats). I’m a transplant from Sweden. I met my husband a LOONG time ago when I did a brief stint as a 21-year old blackjack dealer on a cruise ship in the Carribean.

Leaving EVERYTHING I knew and was familiar with in Sweden, was SUCH a huge gift. I got to REALLY know myself when I had nobody around to tell me who I was supposed to be. I realized then, that I was allowed to be exactly who I was. Trying to conform and fit in was entirely optional and futile. Since then I’ve taken every opportunity I could to be the best version of ME available. 

Mindset is absolutely everything to me. At times in my life when things get dreary and miserable, I KNOW that I can’t blame it on anyone else. I know my excuses don’t hold up. I know, that if things go sideways, it’s up to ME to correct the course. If shit happens, I  know I have a whole lot of mindset adjustments to make to tap into exactly THAT winning outlook on life that never fails to deliver what I desire. NEVER. FAILS. TO. DELIVER. (And never fails to show me when I’m out of alignment.)

I love life. I am so deeply grateful for it all! I feel like a kid in a candy store, wondering what wonderful flavours I should try next.


I was born and raised atheist. I had absolutely ZERO faith or spirituality as a child. I was, however, born with an inner knowing that something more than I could see existed. My hunt for something I could have faith in, started when I was 8. When I was 11 I found Louise Hay (queen of self-help) and there was NO turning back from there. I was 19 when I read the Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield and felt such HUGE relief that someone else also shared my intuitive hits and inner knowing. 

“Fate” had me moving across the Atlantic Ocean when I was 21. I met the man I am still married to, and he showed me the true meaning of unconditional love. He is my rock. We have 4 kids who are my absolute MASTER teachers and they are relentlessly showing me areas of myself that I need to let go of, love more or “upgrade”. It’s not always a pleasant journey – but I feel truly blessed to have these 5 souls cross paths with mine.

 For over two decades I’ve been actively on the hunt for inner peace and happiness. I didn’t leave many rocks unturned. I kissed many frogs (raw vegan lifestyle and diet being the most detrimental one for me and was a contributing factor to my history with adrenal fatigue) but found MANY true gems too. I gained enough clarity and desired results to completely abandon my childhood belief that God didn’t exist and that only science had all the answers. 

Since moving to Canada from Sweden 21 years ago, I studied herbology and aromatherapy. I know my way around supplements for optimal health. I am a Reiki Master. I grabbed an education in NLP to become certified in that. I met and studied with Anny Slegten in 2002. Anny is a woman I deeply respect and feel so much gratitude for. She taught me the MOST useful tools to succeeding in life and feeling as happy as you want to be. She introduced me to (and certified me in) clinical hypnotherapy and the absolutely ah-ma-zing world of the power of the subconscious mind. Anny is pure magic, and I am so blessed to have (had) her as my teacher. 

I wanted to combine all the above under one umbrella and found a Solution Focused Coaching program with Ericson College about 15 years ago. Their solution focused coaching program gave me insight into how to effectively coach others to break through limitations, evaporate limiting beliefs and powerfully move toward whatever it was that my clients desired. It married beautifully with especially NLP and hypnotherapy. 

At that point (after however many years and $$$ in tuition payments) it became evident to me that I am just a lifelong student. I will never stop learning new things. I added a 200-hour yoga instructor certification and fitness training credentials too, a few years ago. Yoga philosophy, asanas as well as functional movements have had a MAJOR impact on my life and how I coach.

It’s a combination of all of those tools and strategies that led me to develop my own coaching style. I focus on mindset and action, as that is the MAJOR source of either happiness or sorrow in life.

One thing all these modalities have in common is that they assume that you already have ALL the inner resources you need, to live a life you love. 

My clients take concepts and knowledge out of their heads and into their lives. I am blessed to work with many women who are ready to grow beyond their limitations and succeed in whatever it is that they desire.