I help ambitious entrepreneurs like you to reach your goals.

Planning, strategy, confidence and accountability coaching.
Delivering cutting-edge life strategies for ambitious entrepreneurs to reach their goals with confidence.

  I know you have phenomenal potential. I know you have visions. I know you have things to do and goals to achieve. I know the world needs what you have to offer.    I also know that it can be hard to follow through on plans, heck sometimes it’s even hard to make plans, because it feels like your time doesn’t belong to you. Kids, chores, meetings… your dreams, aspirations and visions take the back burner and before you know it, another year has flown by and you did OK.. but you didn’t CRUSH it. You KNOW you are capable of SO. MUCH. MORE.    Let me walk you through how to do it, and map out your route to success. This is ALL about working SMARTER and definitely NOT harder. I don’t buy into “hustle” at all – I am 100% in favour of massive, solid, strategic action, that is sustainable and leaves you feeling fulfilled and energized – not drained and beaten up.       We will strategize, plan and get clarity on your focus.

  I will hold your feet to the fire and you WILL succeed. 

Hi! I’m Hanna.


With my background in solution-focused coaching, NLP, hypnotherapy, nutrition, herbology, fitness, yoga and a lot of other things that aren’t the least bit relevant to this, I have MANY unconventional ways to coach my clients. My methods in coaching people to succeed are 100% holistic. I come at success from EVERY angle. We work on mindset, nutrition, and fitness as well as strategies, tools, and tech – all the things a busy entrepreneur needs to stay on top of, to reach her highest potential and love life.


I gift ALL my private clients a physical copy of THE BEST SELF PLANNER and implement this way of planning. This planner reflects my methods (with some minor tweaking), but also empowers you to put your ideas into action – the way only you can! 


I’ll take you from overwhelm to feeling empowered to take MASSIVE ACTION and IMPLEMENT, IMPLEMENT, IMPLEMENT! I can’t wait to witness your journey to success!





12-weeks of clarity. Know what to do when and how.

This is how you can achieve your goals in business and in life. You’ll get the strategies, I’ll walk you through the tools you need. You’ll be able to focus and work WAY smarter without the hustle. I will hold you accountable to implement and I won’t let you off the hook. One 90-min 1:1 call (via Zoom – easy and free to use) 12 Weekly video conference calls to plan each week. Live, interactive OR on your own time.  

….. and there is more! 

I’d be so honoured to work with you – please let me know what would work for you! 

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