I help ambitious entrepreneurs like you reach your goals.

Strategy, confidence and accountability coaching.
Delivering cutting-edge life strategies for ambitious entrepreneurs to reach their goals with confidence.

I will help you reach your goals – faster.

There’s nobody else out there doing what I do.

When you work with me you don’t get a step by step “one-size fits all” formula that I used to grow my business and I don’t tell you it’s going to be all fun and games.

(HELLS NO. Growing includes growing pains and the inevitable expansion of comfort zones can be flat out painful, that’s partly why you need me.)

Instead of the fluff (and the strategies that may or may not work for you), I will show you exactly:

     What you need to focus on right now to start making real money.

     What you have that you can bring to the market based on who you are, what’s important to you and your own definition of success.

   How you can work smarter than before to maximize your results and save time and effort.

     How to remove those mental blocks that trip you up.

     How not to shrink away from your potential.

    I keep your results in focus. I never give up on you.

     I’m relentless in my mission to see you succeed.

     I’m expensive.

     I’m worth it and so are you.



 Hi! I’m Hanna.

My clients see results and reach goals. Faster.
My skills in asking the right probing questions to help you dig deeper, gain clarity and take your level of confidence from ‘this might work’ to ‘hell, yes I’m doing this’ will shatter your glass ceiling on what you thought was possible. 
When you’ve had enough of shying away from what you know you are capable of, I’m only one appointment away.  My ability to hone into areas for improvement and/or inspiration will propel your business to the next level. There will be no room for hesitation, self-doubt, perfectionism or procrastination. You are capable of building the business of your dreams, you just need to get out of your own way! I will show you how. 
I have been an entrepreneur for over 15 years helping women, just like you, build up their confidence and take control of their time and finances. 
Who would benefit from working with me?
♥ women who value their time and want to make a significant amount of money
♥ women who have no interest in the 9-5 grind
♥ women who know they have more to give to the world and greater potential than they are currently showing
♥ women who want to move to the next level in their business but seem to be stuck in overwhelm, self-doubt or perfectionism
♥ women who want to work, who are willing to do the work and put in the hours, to make the life they want a reality by working smarter – not harder
Who wouldn’t benefit from working with me?
× women who have no desire to take control of their time, money, travel schedule or life.

….. and there is more! 

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