With the right mindset, you can crush limitations, be a great role model for your kids AND live a successful, soul fulfilling life too.


I will help you uncover and remove ALL your blocks and limitations regardless of what they are.

I recommend that you book the hypnotherapy package with 2 follow-up calls and 1 guided self hypnosis.


Screw Weight Loss

The Screw Weight Loss program is for women who want to get fit, slow aging, enjoy more energy, vitality, and clarity of thought. A likely side effect is weight loss, but that is NOT the focus.


This is how you can achieve your goals in business and in life. You’ll get the strategies, but even more so get in touch with your own inner genius AND be held accountable to implement.

Online course selection, make you sure you select a course in the language you prefer as I offer courses in both English and Swedish!