Hi! I’m Hanna.

I help ambitious entrepreneurs, like you, reach goals faster.

Hi! I'm Hanna.


Reach Goals. Faster.

Are you ready to have more impact on the world around you, make real money and tap into more personal power than you’ve ever had before?

Let me show you how you can benefit from creating an influential presence online. This will establish you as the expert in your niche and compel people to buy your services (so you can have impact) while you never sacrifice your own values and happiness in life. 

Make your success a priority.

I certainly will.

Turn your dreams into goals and your goals into plans.

Let’s meet for a Zoom-meeting and you can ask me AAAALLL about how here:

Testimonials & Featured Clients

When I think of Hanna, I think of a Spiritual Gangster. She's got the energy and the accountability factor of a boot camp instructor but has years of experience in spiritual endeavours that brings a real soft and caring side to her approach. At times, I think she wants me to succeed more than I do which really helps keep me motivated and on task. She rocks.

Cate Baio, CPC, ACC Life Strategist and Career Transformation Coach catebaio.com

I need someone to push me so that I can level up. I am not easily scared so it’s important that someone gives me challenges and keeps me accountable. Her confidence in me helps me push forward which gives me more confidence in myself. Hanna keeps me on track every week and she makes sure I don’t make up excuses to not stay in my A-game.

Dorotea Petterson, Personal Planner, www.dorro.se

Det som gjorde att jag valde att söka till denna Inner Circle med just Hanna var att jag sett hennes webinars innan, det jag såg var en kvinna som inte bara stryker medhårs och som faller in i min klagosång. Utan en power-woman som vågar säga ifrån, som ser en helhet jag själv inte alltid ser, som vägrar låta mig ligga kvar i diket när jag inte har kraften att ensam ta mig upp... Det jag fick var så mycket mer. Jag hade inte ens kunnat föreställa mig vart jag skulle vara idag om jag inte anlitat Hanna som min business-coach och jag är så tacksam att hon tog emot mig. De säger att ”bara en idiot gör samma sak om och om igen och förväntar sig ett annat resultat”. Hanna hjälper mig att öka min kreativitet, får mig att utmana mig själv på ett sätt som jag tidigare inte ens varit nära. Hon jobbar dessutom väldigt holistiskt. Det räcker inte att bara ta action varje dag, hon stöttar mig till att bli en bättre version av mig själv på alla plan; kost, sömn, motion, återhämtning, dagliga vanor mm.

Nathalie Törnlund, Inspirationscoachen

Right where you are, is a good place to start!

I’ve got you covered if you feeling frustrated about not getting clients as easily as you should – or if you’re feeling like the best-kept secret around. Forget about all the outdated advice you’ve been given. I’ll show you how you can dominate your niche, with the most current strategies based on human psychology that will never change.

A word of warning though, you need to be ready to step outside your comfort zone and upgrade your old habits. With my coaching or my “Done For You” packages, you will bust through limitations like never before.

I can help you upgrade your strategies and actions to match your goals and dreams. I can help you blow the lid off your limitations. But this isn’t something I can do for just anyone.

Working with me requires that you are truly ready for the next level.

This is a waste of time and money for most. You have to be prepared to roll up your sleeves, face your fears and get shit done. When you have decided to let your potential (and not your limitations) run your life, let’s set up a time to talk about what you will be able to accomplish with me by your side!

If all of this sounds like something you just wouldn’t be able to pull off yourself? Well, take a deep breath and relax, because I can do it for you.

How badly do you want success?

I don’t think you know what you are capable of creating!

Most people allow their past experiences and limiting beliefs to rule their lives. It’s not that we do it on purpose, it’s just that it has become a habit.

One of the first things I do as your coach is to guide you out of what you think you can do – into understanding that the sky is not the limit – you are. (Don’t worry though, I’ll also show you how to get rid of those limitations.)

I’ll back this mindset work up with the most current online strategies for increased sales and impact, and you’re as good as gold.

I’m a click away when you’ve decided to find out what you might be able to do, with a coach like me by your side.

Your other choice in moving forward would be the  “Done For You” agency services. These are separate from the coaching. Let’s talk about that if you’d rather focus more on what you’re good at and leave the techy online strategies, ads and copywriting, etc for me and my team. 

Here’s what some of my clients would like you to know!

Kan varmt rekommendera Hanna som coach till dig som är trött pa dina och andras ursäkter och vill förverkliga dina drömmar och planer. Ensam är inte stark. Vägen fram är att ta hjälp och samarbeta.

Cecilia Korp, CEO – Frisk Lycklig och förmögen

Supernöjd med dig! Du vet exakt vilka knappar du ska trycka aktivera för att jag ska ta mig fram, expandera och utveckla mitt entreprenörsskap.

Anna Karolina Larsson, konstnär – www.annakarolina.se

Hanna har hjälpt mig med planering, strategi och att genomföra saker, men FRAMFÖRALLT har hon hjälpt mig att begripa när jag känner rädsla, är det troligtvis exakt det som är viktigt för mig och som behöver göras. "Action Cures Fear." "Just do it." När du utmanar rädslan och gör det här som ligger utanför din komfortzon fastän du är rädd - växer du som människa. Tack Hanna för att du har hjälpt mig att inse att jag behövde sluta ställa mig i vägen för mig själv och hitta modet vara den inspiratör och entreprenör jag är.

Lina Paulsén, Wellness By Lina  – www.wellnessbylina.se

About Me

I really, really love and adore when things happen to my clients. Those “things” include disempowering all fears and reclaiming their total personal power. When I get to see my clients step forward into a life they love to live and a business built on passion, purpose and personal power without allowing time for perfection, hesitation, shiny object syndrome, or other limitations – my work is done.

“There is no man living that can not do more than he thinks he can.”

Henry Ford

“You won’t be able to hide when you get the most current strategy to increase your online visibility in order to have more impact, serve more people and make more money.”


OF COURSE, you need to be great at sales and know how to market yourself in order to make it easy for people to find you.

There are ways to build a personal brand and increase your online visibility that are shortcuts and work amazingly well. I can definitely show you the strategies –  but all of these strategies are useless – if you don’t also work on your mindset.

You have two choices. If you hire me as your coach, I’ll be relentless about the state of your mindset. Your current mindset got you here but isn’t what will take you further. You need to go out and rock this place! It’s your turn to have more impact on the world around you – now!

I also offer “done for you” agency services where I will step in and “fix” your online presence for you. You still need to be the personal brand, but the strategy, the funnels, the copywriting, ads, autoresponders and all of those things are done in collaboration with me and my team.

I have learned online marketing from the masters. In combination with my NLP & hypnotherapy background, you can count on me to be your secret weapon in increasing sales and dominating your niche. Let’s find out who you can be and what becomes possible for you, with me by your side!

This is where business as usual ends.

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